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Bird Strings

by Seth Lael

Select tracks from Seth's second album Bird Strings.

Seth Lael Live


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Amnesia 2019.07.18

Chapel Bar 2015.12.02

Cotton Wood Restaurant 2015.10.30

Naked Lounge 2015.10.29

Polomoni's 2015.10.28

Paddy and Irene's 2015.10.24

Divided Sky 2015.10.23

Cafe Racer 2015.10.17

Red Hill Sallon 2015.10.15

Artichoke Music 2015.10.16

The Lost Church 2015.10.10

Haight Street Festival with the Wyatt Act 2015:06.14

Honey Hive Gallery with the Houchin Brothers.  2015.06.26

NOW Festival @ the red vic with travis Hayes 2015.04.20

Behind the Mind with David Colon @  Mutiny Radio FM 2015.03.12

Sunday Streets Embarcadero 2015.03.08

50 Mason Solo set support Jeff Desira 2014.11.23

Mint Museum Livable City Awards Ceremony 2014.11.19

Sunday Streets Festival San Francisco Excelsior Headline 2014.09

Sunday Streets Festival San Francisco Filmore Headline 2014.09

Hotel Utah, Support for Mandolin Orange 2014.08

Sunday Streets Mission Headline 2014.07

Spice Monkey, Oakland Headline 2014.07

Spice Monkey, Oakland Headline 2014.05

Milk Bar, San Francisco support 2014.05

Milk Bar, San Francisco support 2014.02

The Bee Republica, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Headline 2014.02

The Tempest, San Francisco Headline 2013.10

Livermore Honey Wine Festival, Famers Insurance Stage 2012.07

No Back Tie Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Headline 2012.02

The Spot, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Headline 2012.02

Live stream CD release, private residence San Francisco 2011.11.11


Story of Seth

Hailing from the sunny California shores of San Francisco, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Seth Lael has firmly established himself as a must-hear artist. With his distinctive combination of alternative folk, experimental pop, and a dab of Americana, Seth’s music is winning adoring fans from around the globe. With his equally intimate and playful work on the guitar, mandolin and banjo reminiscent of Punch Brothers, and lyrical imagery akin to Iron & Wine, Seth lovingly alludes to his musical influences all while blazing his own path forward.

Seth grew up as one of ten children in a very musical family. His vast experiences playing in countless dive bars with punk, rock, bluegrass and jazz bands as well as performing in high school musicals or composing film scores has made him the seasoned musician he is today. Seth also juggled a vast array of jobs while focusing on music after the whistle blew. The hats he wore included those of a banker, gas station attendant, roofer, baker, waiter, bricklayer, car washer, and flower delivery man! All of these adventures have shone through in every aspect of his musical work.


Press & Updates


San Francisco songwriter Seth Lael has created a beautiful folk song in “On the Road” – a thoughtful, nostalgic record-keeping of the journey to “get where you need to go.”


"He might not know it, but there are times where his vocals are reminiscent of geography lover Sufjan Stevens. Such is the case on “All Hours,” where Lael shows himself to be a modest guitar virtuoso."


"To say Seth Lael is a versatile musician would only be scratching the surface of this multifaceted gentleman, and a gross understatement to the multitude of talents he possess."


"Lael puts together an album that’s as beautiful as it is harmonic, seamlessly blending together elements of Americana, Jazz, Folk, Pop, and Indie Rock."

The Deli Mag

Seth Lael, a passionate singer-songwriter who has a bit of a soft-spot for the underdog. (don't we all?) Lael brings 12 brand new songs to life in his second full-length, Bird Strings. His music marries Americana, Jazz, Folk, Pop, and Indie Rock into a definitive perspective of life. His commentary comes straight from the tips of his fingers on guitar, mandolin, and banjo, passing through to his modern/retro vocal delivery of honest, heartfelt lyrics.